24 December 2010

Good Times with Good Friends

Okay!!! I was just like expecting my entire stay here in MSU (Mindanao State University, Philippines) to be totally boring, loathsome, indeed. So, after a year of non-schooling as I was not able to pursue Medical school right after graduating, it somehow created a little bit of insecurity and desperation which basically devastated me. I was not able to revisit MSU for even years and for some reason I just couldn't explain the sudden rush of adrenaline into my whole system the moment I've finally decided to come. But it wasn't a hard guess game, I presumed! Automatically, my neurons picked up the signals and it said- Friends, Friends, Friends, good friends.
The yuletide season rushed in and everyone was on their ways to hit the roads to finally rest in nostalgic sheets at home. And as for me, it was quite opposite, I was here trying to figure why I couldn't go home. Nothing popped in! I guess I was soaked up with too much drama so allow me to enjoy all the fun and perks with my stay here.
For Chito's birthday, we went to Timoga (it's like one of the most renown recreation resort in the entire region) and we seven had the best of our time. Allow me to have the opportunity to share all those stuffs that I could possibly evoke in this blog. First is the fact that we were reunited for like seven months of not seeing each other, it was really an exciting and fun experience. Chito and Nafie are both in Med School while Me, Tox, Hassan, Pax and Micky were all still putting our feet together for a possible Medical career. It was truly an amazing moment for me, seeing old friends who have been there for you since like forever. It is like being them relives all the good moments we had together when we were still in college. Second, as we graduated somehow we have some personal issues in ourselves which we either outwit or it consumed us. Some stayed who they are while some, a little bit had some throwbacks and it's not really some bad things I wan t to persecute. Third would be the fact that these people support you in any way they can, I mean they may act rude, mean and stubborn sometimes but these things don't erase the fact that their hearts are swarmed by positive attitude (cornball!!!). Lastly, as in end this one let me thanks God and these goodfellas here in being a great and warm company. They are all more than friends, even more than a brother and due to that, kudos to everyone!!!

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