11 October 2013

Sabi Wants Everyone To Experience 'Cali Love'

Singer/Songwriter Sabi is still struggling to gain commercial success with every releases since collaborating with band, Cobra Starship. 'Wild Heart', her first single release for her never-released 'All I Want' album was too mundane to be a hit so she went all 90s and came back a year after with "Where Do They Do That At?' which was something that sounded like an Aaliyah b-side. Sabi's like Bonnie McKee, like they can be great making hits after hits but no chance of achieving their personal music endeavours because they are utterly lifeless. Well, I get it, Sabi's got cute voice nothing really special about it and with the musical path she wants to pursue we already have Wynter Gordon pacing on the same direction, who has more talent. 

Now, she is back with 'Cali Love' featuring hip-flop star Tyga (Tyga did a Cali Love song four years ago). I personally like the song but there is nothing there to make me write good things about it. It's like one of those songs that'll eventually help you kill the minutes while waiting for your lunch or something like that. It has an all-Cali vibe and lyrics with cute references from Jeep to Rayban. Any chance of charting? I'd be happy to see this on Bubbling Hot 100 but other than...mmm... NO.

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