11 October 2013

Jessica Mauboy's 'Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up)' And Some Interesting Lyric Choices

Australia's Beyonce is back with a new super catchy and naughty single named 'Pop A Bottle (Fill Me Up)'. Technically she was back months earlier with a terrible first single from her third album BEAUTIFUL. That song quaintly titled 'To The End Of The Earth' was a mess for various reasons. It has the most annoying before-chorus-part (don't know what to call it) of all her songs which explained why it tanked on charts marking her lowest first single peak for an album. If you didn't like 'Inescapable' then you'd absolutely loathe this one. But as always, Jess always finds a way to redeem hersel. Her second single released this month was  your typical Australian dose of EDM/Pop fodder but it's always different when it is sang beautifully by someone who can really sing. 

PaB(FmU) is as radio-ready as Saturday Night less an annoying rapper. You can add this to your long list of weekend jam because it is soon to become your favourite. And when she performed the song on X Factor I fell in love even more, I mean she is the only singer in the world (in the world) who can sing parts of a song that aren't supposed to be sang by humans (God, I'm sounding idiotic - just watched the performance you'd know what I mean).

The song's lyrics is a complete treasure and is one of the the snarkiest double entendres in music ever. It came across as a very demure song about having fun over a bottle of beverage but everytime I listen to the lyrics carefully I go over places (you know what I mean).

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