16 February 2011

[Poem Pom] Make You Mine


When you think everything is over
No mo remorse, no more things to hover
you could see my eyes with gentility
and i will bring you to what is verity.

Life is unfair as it haunted your soul
It made a cul de sac to take your all
No, don't look like you know I am in vehemence
Because everyday you are my self-contentment.

Forsooth, you came, saw and conquer
The truth, you're in gripe; you don't know hot to spur
Abandon things and live life with me
We'll go somewhere and live life happily.

Ex parte love, I'm proud to say that
Obsession with you!, I will never regret that
For love comes once in a life time
i gotta do everything to make you mine.

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