16 February 2011


Simple thoughts sometimes complete your day, even an effortless smile from someone you adore shuts you down and makes you wanna’ feel more butterflies on your stomach. If you feel true love is somewhere in you, you shouldn’t shun it cause it really won’t work. It’s sort of a sting thing, once your caught there ain’t no way you could resist the feeling.
Seeing yourself everyday in the mirror without a zit on that pretty face surely frustrates you. There are three “KEEPS” to evaluate if you should have a dreamy affair. You keep on ignoring your best friend’s asinine smiles every time you catch him/her talking to his/her lover. You keep on clinging to the notion that you’re unfathomably happy being alone. And the last is, you should keep on asking yourself if you’re really happy in that state. You should execute what you think should be, it’s hard to be a pretender if you really can’t stand it.
Standing, waiting for your next class, then a lass/lad whipped your lonely mind by a cocky swagger. Take note that a stare won’t let you in, but a good opening line will make you win. If you feel there is chemistry the moment those eyes collide, go grab it. Gender difference maybe a factor, but it could be lessen by a texting session starting from the too much exploited “Hu u” drama.
Now you’re totally into it. You’re the perfect dream you dream to have. Exam is up tomorrow and you haven’t scanned a single page of the book you borrowed from the lib, you’re busy doing what you used to ignore, I mean talking to the “love of your life”. But believe me, that thing is very usual, what do you except with two lovers in love. Just observe if that one person is really “THE” one. How to do it? Well, it certainly depends on how you define a bad influence person.
You’re a one huge success, so far. It’s like nothing in this world can make the two of you part. You feel the sweetest thoughts; you savor those lingering kisses and you stick to your convictions as if someone’s pulling them away from you. Just to keep the romance firmer you assume everyone’s against your Romeo and Juliet love affair, you keep on insisting “Of course, it’s my first teenage love affair”. You day dream, and can’t wait for Saturday. Live it for it disappears any moment you least expect.
Just like the movie you two watched together, something’s gonna’ be not right. It can be you or the other side, there is no such thing as miscommunication, misunderstanding or distance, cause if the goad is way too real all the external factors are one step beyond from you. You have to learn from your past experiences. You can never give love to someone who gives you quarter of what you offer. I am not being unfair as if I am on your side, but I know you, you’ll never be the wrong one. It’s hard to go back to the stage you abhor neither you could rip out a page of your memory. So, have your love list and do it the right way.
You’re on what we called the not-so-good state wherein you do not want anyone to see you gloomy and stubborn on one side of the corner. I so much understand that, again it’s a part of parting. Have yourself on it for some time, but do not overindulge yourself in the self-pity drama scene, nobody’s going to care if you won’t put some care onto yourself. After the drama, wipe those tears, heal those bruises and think positively. Focus on your studies; get back to your routine and face that mirror again as those zits gradually fade.
So, you are recovering and steadily forgetting the affair. The huge predicament you must overcome in this stage is how you are going to face your ex whenever the road links you again. I’m pretty sure that it’ll turn out to be a bloody clash of senses as you need to figure out if you are strong enough to smile and act like past was a thing never happened. Never show your ex that there is part of you who still hopes for a reunion, be sturdy enough to control those emotions.
After that storm, I am pretty sure that you have learned something worth sharing for. If a new zit rocks your world again, learn from your mistakes and never do foolish things again and try to make more efforts this time, at the end of the day falling in love is a thing we all must face and dig.

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