6 January 2014

'Braveheart' - An Introduction to Neon Jungle's Music

The only reference I have for this Brit girl group is their Wiki page as I completely lost track of all the boy and girl groups debuting in UK because there's a lot of them and honestly the only groups the world need to have right now from UK are Little Mix and One Direction, but they have been feeding us with crap quite recently so I lost interest with all of them. All I know is that these girls supported Jessie J on tour and that their more attractive than any of the girls from Little Mix. They had their debut with a song called Trouble which I only heard once 'cause I didn't listen to it again (it was just noisy jungel-y). 

Now the girls are back with Braveheart which I admit to be great. More than anything else, the chorus just makes me want to do some Iggy Azalea realness in her Change You Life bed roll. It's feisty, raw and nicely jungle-y. 'Ich ni san, kaesu' is en route to be one of the greatest lyrics of 2014.

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